Focus areas

This website focusses on providing organisations that operate networks with infromation on how to use IPv6, and why. So far we have a section for enterprises and an FAQ about why we need IPv6 and why IPv4 is no sufficient.

More contributions would be more than welcome!

Information structure

This website is not meant as a checklist or a step by step manual. We try to structure the information in such a way that it is easy to get an overview of what you need to think of when deploying IPv6. When we have more detailed information about a specific subject we create a separate page for that, which again should give you an overview with links to more specific information etc.

The best way to read the information on this website is to first read the full page before clicking through to more detailed information.

There is a lot of information already out there. Where possible we prefer links to existing high-quality documentation instead of new text. Especially if there is good documentation from well known sources such as ISOC Deploy360, the RIPE community, NANOG etc. When multiple good sources exist they should all be referred to.


We encourage participation in building this repository of IPv6 information. There are many places where we would like to go into more detail and give more guidance. We are especially interested in documentation written by people who have just deployed IPv6 to learn from and share their experiences. The contents of this website are maintained on GitHub.

All content contributed to this website must be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license so that others can use it freely.

When sending in pull-requests please explicitly state that you hold the rights to your contributed content and that you agree that your contributions are published under this license.

Based on work for and by:

ISOC Deploy360